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Nail Fungal Infection Treatment in Chandigarh

Best Nail Fungal Infection Treatment in Chandigarh

Nail Fungal Infection Treatment in Chandigarh – Fungal infection is also very commonly called mycosis and it’s quite heard of skin disease developing in a person. These fungi in millions thrive on dirt, plants, your skin, and every house space. These fungi are already present in our body alongside the large numbers of bacteria that are present in a cluster. Once these species of fungi start overgrowing in a specific skin region they form a nail fungal infection.

Moreover, the fungal infection develops over time and you wouldn’t experience any changes immediately. Therefore, seeing an eventual difference in the way your finger looks is an alarm for your alert. Plus, a significant change in the skin around your finger is an indication for you to understand that the infection has entered your territory. So, if you’re experiencing the symptoms of nail infection, then don’t look anywhere but come straight to us. We have a team of experts that will render you with the most effective nail infection treatment.

Nail Fungal Infection Treatment in Chandigarh
Nail Fungal Infection Treatment in Chandigarh 1

Who is at a higher risk of getting a nail fungal infection?

People with heavy feet sweating easily get infected by the fungus because a moist surface is their breeding ground. Secondly, walking barefoot in dingy, dampened areas, gyms, and shower washrooms can also cause nail infection through the fungus. Thirdly, having a nail injury, skin condition, or being used to wearing closed wearing toes- intact shoes cause fungal infection. Lastly, a weakened immune system can also be a contributing factor to susceptibility to fungal nail infection.

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Nail Fungal Infection Treatment in Chandigarh

Why head to some other skin specialist center when we’ll be giving you the best assistance? However, there are treatment techniques that we integrate to cure our patient’s infections. These techniques have a world-class proficiency in minimizing people’s risk of acquiring nail fungal infection.

Laser or photodynamic therapy is the latest method of treatment that our doctors will render you with. This treatment mode is not only better specialized but has proven to be way more effective than the standard treatments. This laser treatment is a much-evolved technique that is not toxic and does not take a long time to show effective results.

The Nail Fungal Infection Treatment in Chandigarh sabotages the fungus under the nails as a whole. Doing so helps in curtailing the infection from spreading any further. It also curbs from aggravating the skin condition of the patient. Furthermore, after the nail grows out the skin is restored to its original, natural and healthy appearance.

In the case of photodynamic treatment, light-sensitive chemicals are used in the treatment that doesn’t erupt much heat during the treatment. Thus, this therapy is better tolerable for the patients but they don’t have to experience pangs of pain during this process. After this, the chemicals entrenched inside the cells are exposed to a light-activated chemical reaction and ultimately destroying the targeted cells that incur.

Benefits of Nail Infection Treatment

You will be endowed with a lot of benefits after the nail infection treatment apart from giving you bundles of happiness. Laser treatment is a robust and sustainable mode of treatment that detaches the whole infection from scratch from the skin. It has been proven successful in removing the unsightly infection appearance in your skin from its roots. Moreover, your skin re-develops its original form and appearance within the passage of a few days post-treatment.

This latest laser technique perforates beneath the skin surface and kills the underlying fungus. During this process, no area around the toenail or the skin is being damaged and that is ensured. The procedure wouldn’t consume much time. Thus, the rapid speed of this procedure makes it a recommended nail fungal infection treatment. One more advantage of getting this treatment done is the pain-free and hassle-free experience you will be shown with. To top it all, the number of sessions for this treatment is not more than3-4 in total.

Dr. Aditi Jha- The dermatologist you’re looking for

You need not look for the best nail fungal infection treatment services around because Dr. Aditi Jha will help you. She is an exceptional doctor whose knowledge and skills can never be questioned. That’s because she has built her reputation of being great at what she does for years now. She has derived her college education from the abode of dreams in the medical fraternity-AIIMS. Moreover, her degree in Masters has also been attained from this college.

Additionally, Dr. Aditi Jha achievements contribute to making her great at performing nail infection treatment. She’s a voracious writer and reader and these passions gave her some great opportunities. To begin with, she has been laureled with a stupendous fellowship at International dermatopathology in UCSF, San Francisco by IADVL. Next in line, she has even authored a few segments in a few publications and Journals. Furthermore, she has worked as an assistant editor at the Indian Journal of Dermatology, venereology, and Leprology (IJDVL).