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Skin Tightening Treatment in Chandigarh

Laser Skin Tightening Treatment Doctor in Chandigarh

Skin Tightening Treatment in Chandigarh – That one bright sunny morning you woke up and what you saw in the mirror felt no less than horrifying. Well, wrinkles were roaring out of your skin, plus your skin had lost its intactness and it became saggy. This was a sight you never wanted to cross paths with because it was a sheer sign of aging. However, these pre-mature aging indications are very common to creep up sometime in your life. Therefore, you should face this travesty head-on and not just sulk about it, sitting in the corner. This is where laser skin tightening treatment will lend its helping hand to you. It will help you fight agedness and bring back that fizzled self-confidence of yours.

Nevertheless, knowing the reasons behind skin laxity is important before talking about the skin tightening treatment. So, what is the reason behind skin losing its tightness? As a child, our skin is enriched in proteins called elastin and collagen which give our skin its elasticity. However, as we grow older, the protein’s production starts declining drastically as a result, the skin’s elasticity is forfeited. 

Also, our environmental conditions aren’t favorable and there is pent-up work stress that too contributes to our skin’s sagginess. Therefore, effective treatment for skin tightening seems like the only viable solution to stimulate the secretion of collagen and elastin. The treatments are such that target delivering energy for heating the deep skin layers. 

Skin Tightening

Skin Tightening Treatment in Chandigarh

Laser Skin tightening is the one-stop solution we’ll provide you to free you from those signs of aging. This treatment works nearly to perfection in withering all the aging symptoms away from your skin. 

This therapy uses infrared laser light to penetrate beneath the skin. The temperature of the laser is like a stone massage and it nicely heats the collagen found under the skin. After heating is done, the collagen constricts so that the skin gets a firmer touch. Thus, the heat percolates deep inside the skin to destroy the epidermis and reach the underlying skin layer. Our laser therapy as a skin tightening treatment in Chandigarh has been proven successful for patients.

HIFU is another tightening treatment that focuses on high-intensity ultrasound energy to deliver heat to the skin’s deeper layers. It is a viable therapy mode for reducing wrinkles, brow lifting, and improving the skin texture through pore closure. HIFU has a lower downtime and has been established as extremely potent in skin tightening. This mode is coupled with world-class technology that will render you with long-term prevention of skin laxity. 

Benefits of Laser Skin Tightening

After getting your tightening procedure you’ll be enriched with happiness because of the multiple benefits offered. These benefits will keep your skin in good kilter, and bring back your skin’s long-lost glow. Mentioning below the pros of skin tightening in Mohali:

A much healthier skin

You will regain a better-nurtured skin after getting the tightening treatment done. Your skin will repel sagginess since the treatment will work on your skin from deep beneath. Thus, your skin will look reinvigorated not only from the superficial layer. Moreover, by getting all those required corrections, this treatment will be perfectly efficient.

Minimal downtime, invasiveness, and painful

Due to no surgical tools involved, this treatment mode is less scarring and more accurate. Furthermore, the layers of the skin are heated up but the laser mechanism allows the top-most layer to stay cool making it pain-free. Moreover, since the non-invasive procedure is conducted on an outpatient basis, so the total downtime for a patient is minimalistic.

Results last for long

Experience happiness as you get liberated from all those freckles, wrinkles, and skin loosing after the laser skin tightening. This method is fruitful and also long-lasting as the new collagen developing under the skin shows the best results. A follow-up treatment is the only extra mile you have to walk for securing those positive effects.

Skin Tightening by Dr. Aditi Jha

You must be afraid of getting laser skin tightening, but trust us when we say our dermatologist is the finest in town. Dr. Aditi Jha is an adept doctor whose skills and grit can’t be questioned. Moreover, she is such a positivity-entrapped person that seconds of being with her will make you feel like you’re home. Now, we come on to our educational background then she has been an academically sound student at AIIMS Delhi. Her journey from her graduation till now is nothing less than inspiration because she has worked nights just to be “the best” at what she does.

Letting her take up your skin tightening procedure will be a decision to never look back on. That’s because her knowledge is endless and her skillset unmatchable from all of her past work experiences. Be it as an assistant editor at the Indian Journal of Dermatology, venereology, and Leprology or as a clinical fellow at National Skin Centre, Singapore. Book your appointment with her now for having a seamless and effective laser treatment.

Skin Tightening by Dr. Aditi Jha