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Best PRP Treatment in Chandigarh

Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) - PRP Treatment in Chandigarh

PRP Treatment in Chandigarh – Hair damage or Hair loss has become a daily grumble in recent times. Due to increasing pollution and other health complications, these may often occur. Losing hair gives us a nightmare as humans are more concerned about their looks and attire. Several remedies are now available for this condition, but ‘Platelet-Rich Plasma’ (PRP) treatment has proved to be the most effective.

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Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) in Chandigarh

PRP treatments in Chandigarh are getting more prevalent over time. The PRP treatment is effective in many cases. Our treatment is done at a daily interval between three and six months. The main advantage is the use of the latest technology which has shown a vital result in return. 

This method has proved the safest procedure for hair growth. PRP treatments may help you regrow stronger, thicker hair based on several clinical trials. The treatment provided in Chandigarh makes sure about 100% results in hair growth. We provide PRP injections over four to six weeks. And we also ensure that regular maintenance of injections is done every four to six months.

PRP Treatment in Chandigarh

PRP Treatment Procedure

Platelets are proteins found in plasma. In response to injury, these growth factors stimulate the production of new cells in your body. Higher plasma concentrations can stimulate the production of new cells. 

To raise the level of plasma in your blood, we will take a sample of your own blood, mainly from your arm, and put it into a centrifuge. After 10 minutes, the blood will have separated into three layers in the centrifuge where one is ‘Platelet-rich plasma’. Then we will treat your scalp with a micro-needling technique. Also, remember that during the procedure your skin will become numb, and minimal discomfort. Platelet-rich plasma is drawn up in a syringe and injected into hair growth areas on the scalp. The procedure is administered topically. As a result, natural healing becomes a part of the procedure. Inactive hair follicles and newly implanted follicles will be stimulated by the platelets.

Benefits of Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP)

The PRP treatment has been shown to have tremendous results and comes with many benefits due to medical advancement –

PRP Treatment in Chandigarh

What makes our laser treatment special?

General people are not aware of PRP hair treatment, so we make sure to share all the steps with the patients. The entire procedure has no side effects as the therapy involves injecting your own blood into your scalp. We make sure about the safety of the patients. This treatment is a non-surgical procedure with no scars or cuts. Platelets are injected using a syringe, which causes no hurt or pain or any sign behind.

Also, PRP hair loss treatment uses your own blood platelets containing the same DNA structure. Due to this, the results following the treatment appear to be natural and long-lasting. PRP is an outpatient procedure that takes only 45-60 minutes to get performed. Our treatment makes sure that you begin to notice the results about three months after the procedure, but the full effects will be visible for about a year.

Get your laser treatment by our world-class doctor

The PRP treatment is considered to yield the best result but it is offered by a selected number of medical practitioners in India. And one such notable qualified doctor is Dr. Aditi Jha. She is an MMBS graduate and an MD in Dermatology from AIIMS Delhi. She has also enhanced her medical experience at National Skin Center, Singapore. She has excelled in her field as he has worked as an assistant editor in the Indian Journal of Dermatology, Venereology, and Leprology.

She has also been awarded an International dermatopathology fellowship at UCSF, San Francisco by IADVL. She has recommended this treatment as one of the best ways. She makes sure about the safety of the patients and treats them with sensitivity. If you want to consult a professional why not opt for the best one.

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