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Best Pigmentation Treatment in Chandigarh

Best Pigmentation Treatment Doctor in Chandigarh

Pigmentation Treatment in Chandigarh – You can’t take things lightly when it’s about your skin because it would directly impact your confidence too. So, it’s always said that you must give your skin the utmost care and nourishment it wants. However, there can be times when your skin meets with unprecedented bummers. These bummers knocking on your skin’s door can be seen as a change in skin’s pigmentation. This change can be attributed to the excessive melanin production which incurs due to a host of factors. These factors would include an imprint of the acne scars, extreme sun exposure, and hormonal imbalances.

Now that you know the reasons behind changing skin pigment you also need to know about various viable remedies for this. Many skin treatment procedures will give you long-lasting and satisfying results for your healthier skin. These remedies can effectively fix this skin problem and free you from the worries of aging. You will also regain that long-lost confidence and we make sure to remind you that you’re worth it.

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Best Pigmentation Treatment in Chandigarh

You cannot let your self-confidence stumble because every problem has an effective solution. So, your skin pigmentation might seem like an irreversible issue now, but believe in us it’s not. Your concerns about how you look should take a seat back because we are here to provide you with the ultimate cure. So, stop looking for specialists around the town because the best pigmentation treatment in Chandigarh is here to assist you.

We offer two stellar pigmentation treatment methods which optimize advanced technology and are medically proven to be safe, these are:

Q switched lasers/Laser skin toning/ Laser bleach

Laser skin toning by Q switched Nd-yag is a very effective and the latest advancement for treatment of pigmentation and dark spots effectively and sustainably. This laser pigmentation treatment will also induce the production of collagen when used in a specific mode for curing a different range of skin conditions like pigmentation, rosacea, open pores, superficial scars etc. It is also a solution for the very fine hairs on your face which makes your face look darker but cannot be targeted by laser hair reduction methods(Laser bleach). After attaining an even skin tone through the proficiency of the Pulsed Laser Treatment you will feel younger and happier looking at yourself.

Chemical peeling

This skin treatment method would involve using gentle chemical peels following certain lactic acids, retinoids, and Vitamin C as priming agents. While executing this mode of treatment, stronger concentrations of skin-friendly acids are used to cure the targeted discolored areas. This skin resurfacing procedure is performed in three different intensity levels which differ from case to case. These peels work by the mechanism of controlled chemical exfoliation, which means the superficial layers are exfoliated in a controlled manner while the lower layers regenerate thus giving you a healthy glowing skin.

Best Pigmentation Treatment In Chandigarh

Post-Pigmentation Treatment effects

After you’ve undergone any of these skin treatments from us, your skin might experience mild redness which may last a few hours to 1 day. In the post procedure period, you have to treat your skin with extra care and avoid going out in the sun. You will be advised emolients and a broad spectrum sunscreen to be applied 2 to 3 times a day. You should also ensure not to expose your skin to extreme temperatures for a few days.

Perks of Skin Treatment from us

After getting the skin pigmentation treatment, you’ll come across a new you that you wished to see. You must get your hands-on with the unparalleled benefits of getting best pigmentation treatment in Chandigarh which are:

Less painful

The laser treatment for skin pigmentation correction is less hurting than other methods. So, even if you're having pangs of anxiety, you can let loose because the pain will not be near you. After you get the laser treatment done,there is no down time, and you are ready to hit work right after the procedure.

Dodge those nasty dark spots

You can say goodbye to those annoying dark circles and spots because our laser treatment will effectively snap these off. This laser or peeling treatment is also very effective if you get it done from a reputed healing center like ours.

Accept yourself better

After getting this best pigmentation treatment, you'll love yourself more and see yourself in a much happier space. You'll even see your confidence levels boost because you'll find your appearance improved and better appealing. Going into self-doubt will also stop because those negative thoughts of yours will vanish like those dark spots.

Pigmentation Treatment In Chandigarh

Indulge in skin treatment from our professional

Your skin can be your temple that you always wish to protect. However, you want to combat certain skin problems and this is where the expertise of Dr. Aditi Jha comes. You don’t have to feel paranoid about getting your pigmentation treatment in her presence.  That’s because she got her position secured as a well-known dermatologist who’s attained her MBBS and MD in Dermatology from AIIMS, New Delhi. Her hard work is good enough to showcase her diligence and the quality provided in delivering services.

Global exposure to National Skin Centre Singapore is another factor that adds to her experience. Besides this, she’s been an avid author who utilized her writing flair by writing various book chapters and journal publications. Moreover, she has been awarded a dermatopathology scholarship for her research at UCSF, San Francisco by IADVL. Doesn’t this doctor’s backdrop sound nearly perfect? If yes, then need not hesitate to get the best pigmentation treatment in Chandigarh from her.

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