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Hair Loss Treatment in Chandigarh

hair loss/hairfall treatment

Hair Loss Treatment in Chandigarh – Do you feel your dreams of having long, silky hair are turning into an illusion? Also, are you missing those days when you could play with your voluminous bouncy hair? Well, if it’s a yes, then don’t worry because you’re at the right place to bring back those days. With our doctor’s expertise, we make sure your golden days and hair are back in your life.

Our hair loss treatment is the cure your hair is eyeing for a long. It’s a treatment that has evolved by leveraging the technology that revolutionized our lives for the better. So, you can stop looking for help because we’ll solve our hair loss problems with our world-class remedies. However, before moving forward on the remedies we provide, understanding the reasons for hair loss is important.

hair loss/hairfall treatment

What are the reasons behind hair loss?

A strong reason contributing to alopecia or hair loss is the production of abnormal levels of androgen in the body.  The excessive secretion of this hormone can be in both males and females. Secondly, we have the uncontrollable factor which is acquiring genes from our parents that can influence patterned baldness. Thirdly, the most common factor found in people these days is experiencing hair loss due to excessive stress levels.

So, before these serious symptoms of hair fall start taking a toll on your mental health, you must seek professional guidance. That’s because only experts can help you walk on the right path and cure this hair issue with sustainable treatment.


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Hair Loss Treatment in Chandigarh

You know you’re going through hair loss that’s already affecting your self-confidence. You also know about an effective hair loss treatment that can address your concern. However, you are confused about picking the best doctor in town. What to do in this situation? Visit us because we promise to not only solve our client’s problems but make sure that they don’t have to face them again. Thus, our consistent efforts have been aimed at using advanced technology that proficiently cures your hair issue. Moreover, our Dr. Aditi Jha ensures that the treatment is carried out with utmost perfection.

We’ll undertake a profound diagnosis to understand the exact issue you’re facing and suggest a treatment based on the same.  In our best hair loss treatment, we provide two beneficial methods to our customers which are:

PRP Therapy

It’s called the Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Technique for hair regrowth delivering stellar results. During this process, the patient’s blood is extracted from one body part and injected into the scalp for stimulating hair growth. In the PRP technique, both red and white blood cells are removed from one part of the person’s body. It helps in collecting a plasma concentration with platelets for administering to the scalp and facilitating hair growth.

After getting the hair fall treatment don’t go out in direct sunlight and avoid it for a few days to protect your scalp. Refrain from consuming blood thinners for some time and not wash your head for 24 hours after the treatment.  Don’t get your hair dyed or colored for a week’s time post-treatment.

Hair Transplantation

This method requires a small surgery that takes tentatively 2-4 hours to perform. Local anesthesia is injected into the patient when this procedure is going on. The process is formed using Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE). Herein, the individual follicular units are directly removed from the scalp using high-end equipment. This mode of hair loss treatment has opened a door for removing hair follicles from the body to transplant them to the head.

After getting the treatment, avoid applying ice on the transplanted areas and getting exposed to the sun. Strictly follow the medications/ antibiotics given prescribed by the doctor for your wholesome recovery. After the second day of treatment, the patient has to wash the recipient area with a mild antimicrobial shampoo and conditioner.

Benefits of hair fall treatment

Time effective

The surgery for hair transplantation will not take more than2-4 hours to be executed. On the other hand, the PRP technique will be performed within 3-4 sessions that are 4 weeks apart as an estimate. Therefore, these treatments will not take up much of your time and provide you with lifelong joy.

Boosted self-confidence

Leave no scars or marks and enriching you with a good head of hair will enhance your morale too. While hair loss ruptured your self-esteem, getting the treatment by either of the methods will help you regain your confidence. You will start imagining yourself with a sense of style and like your look better.

No risk and minimized pain

The methods are quick to perform and usually would pain you very little post-treatment. PRP as a form of the regenerative process will also accelerate your healing process. You might experience some inflammation initially but it will get back to normal in no time.

Benefits of hair fall treatment

Get your hair fall treatment from Aditi Jha

Stop stressing about your hair loss because our expert is here to help you sail through this tough time. Dr. Aditi Jha is a goldmine dermatologist who has been working in this field for years. Moreover, her global exposure in this domain has been an addition to her skillset. She has always carried her boatloads of knowledge and patience when handling cases.

Being an alma mater of a prestigious college- AIIMS has been a helping hand to her adroitness in performing hair loss treatment. Another reason that kept her curiosity and growth going was being an author of the journal’s chapters. Over the years, she has not just gotten acknowledgment for being an excellent researcher but a credible skin specialist. Don’t battle between doctors, when you can derive exceptional hair loss treatment in Chandigarh from her.

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